Questions that you may have about Recreation Therapy part 4

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Part 4 is here!
What type of interview questions should Human Resources/ Director ask when interviewing candidates for a Recreational Therapist position.
It is not always easy to find the right candidate. You want the best of the best for your clients and that takes time.

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While looking into these suggestive questions you should also check out The Real Recreational Therapist post. His post is called Tips for a successful Recreation Therapy Interview. His post offers what a candidate should do before an interview and after the interview. He even goes into desirable qualifications you have as well as an example of interview questions. I’ll provide the link below for you to check out as well.
Here are a few suggestions of questions that you can look into.

  1. Why did you become a Recreational Therapist? This question is very simple yet can describe a person’s character.

2. Can you describe to me a time when you experienced a difficult situation or client and how were you able to address it?
This question can help the director/human resource person see how him or her was able to face difficult situations and use their problem-solving skills.
3. _____ random name has ( fill in the blank) how will you help him/ her be able to participate in the activity?
This can demonstrate how the potential candidate use their adaptivity skills since there will be different clients who may need different accommodations.
4. You are about to do_________ activity how will you make sure that the activity that you are going to implement is safe yet fun for the clients?
This question will help the human resource person/ director see how the potential candidate would be able to keep the residence safe and yet fun.
5. We are about to do____________ (name activity) and you have a group of clients that is ________ (limitation) show me how you would communicate the activity to them?
This will show his or her communication style.

6. Describe to me a time in your life when you had failed? It can be anything from your past or present. How were you able to overcome it and what did you learn from your failure that you can apply to this position?
This can show how persistent the candidate is and how they can bounce back from failure. It can even demonstrate their character and humility.

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Other places you can find great interview questions

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